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Building with the Community

Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV) met with representatives of the school community at Padre André Coindre School to review the final details of the project, which involves a new multi-purpose court and bathrooms for the school.


Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores and Padre André Coindre School were once again busy at work. As the Company had done previously on several occasions, it meet with representatives of the school community to discuss the final details of the project that the Company will carry out within the school.

Meeting participants saw a projection of the 3D model of the new multi-purpose court and the reconstruction of the bathrooms. It was an opportunity to answer any questions from parents, students and different school employees, who were able to see and also suggest the final changes to what will be the new building.

“We know that of all the possibilities they had to help, this was the most complicated school, but even so, CSAV is here. Given the contractual difficulties, we have always been put off, but even so, they are here supporting us,” said Daniel Silva Sanzana, the school’s principal, who also commented that this project is a dream come true for the entire community.

The new multi-purpose court and the construction of bathrooms for students and school employees is scheduled to be completed by March 2023. “It is a project that we have been developing for months and that we have been building in conjunction with the community. It has been enriching for us to work together and to be able to fulfill the dreams of so many children. As Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores, it is extremely important to be able to contribute to the development of San Antonio, such an important port city for our country,” commented Oscar Hasbún, CEO of CSAV.

These meetings with the community are developed together with the Huella Local Foundation, our partner in carrying out this project in the sector.