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Celebrating 150 Years of the CSAV Family

Current and former CSAV employees gathered at the Naval Club in Valparaíso to celebrate the shipping company long history.


Laughter, memories and great anecdotes were shared by more than 250 people who gathered at the Naval Club in Valparaíso, at an event organized by former company employees in conjunction with the company itself to celebrate Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores’s (CSAV) 150th anniversary with an extended lunch.

At the emotional reunion, workers reminisced about and shared their experiences over the years when they were part of CSAV. Patricio Falcone, who was CSAV’s CEO for more than 30 years, was among the guests.

“The most important thing I have done in my life is to work at CSAV. The relationships, the friendships, the experiences I had working in this company are unforgettable,” said former CEO, Francisco Silva, with emotion.

The same feeling of gratitude was expressed by Patricia Martinez, Logistics Management Secretary, who said, “I have been with the company for 42 years, I am still happy working here. Honestly, the work environment has always been very, very good.”

The reunion was also attended by current CSAV employees, who were invited once CSAV began helping to plan the event. Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability, María Elena Palma, said, “When we learned about this spontaneous celebration organized by former employees on such a symbolic date, we wanted to join in and be part of it, because we appreciate that they continue to feel part of the CSAV family.”