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CSAV visits its ongoing social projects in San Antonio

The CEO of Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores, Oscar Hasbún, met with the district mayor to review the projects under development in the area. 


The team from Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores toured the various social projects that the company is carrying out in the San Antonio district, to see the progress first-hand on the various projects and see how work has been developing hand in hand with the communities.

As part of the first activities of the day, a meeting was held with the district’s mayor, Constanza Lizana, to discuss the company’s commitment to human capital development through the work carried out with the educational ecosystem in the area, among other issues. Emphasis was placed on the “Port Room” under development at the Instituto Comercial Marítimo Pacífico Sur (South Pacific Maritime Commercial Institute, INCO) and the project to improve the multi-purpose court, bathrooms and dressing rooms at Padre André Coindre School in San Antonio.

In addition to the visit to the municipality, the team toured the district’s Collection and Recycling Center to learn about the reality of household waste collection, organic waste projects and how the community works in general regarding this aspect.

Later, they visited INCO, where they held a discussion with the school’s headmaster Hector Carvajal and teachers and students of the logistics and port area specialty. The possibility of a new project arose in conversation, where the “Port Simulator Room” that the company is building in the establishment will be used for students to continue to have closer contact with the port, using the technology and all the possibilities that this interactive room offers.

On site, CEO Oscar Hasbún valued the work that has been done with the school, highlighting that “this year we set for ourselves the goal of creating spaces for human capital development, to provide tools for young people to remain connected to their port, and today we can see how that commitment is becoming a reality with the important progress on this port room, which will let them learn about the opportunities they have in this industry.”

The day ended with a visit to the Padre André Coindre School, with an open space for dialogue with some members of the school community, including Principal Daniel Silva Sanzana and the Huella Local Foundation, to learn about the progress of the project under development to improve the bathrooms, dressing rooms and build a new multi-purpose court at the school, benefiting the more than 600 students at the school.