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CSAV informs the amount in Chilean pesos of the Final Mandatory Minimum Dividend

Total amount of Mandatory Minimum Dividend, definitive per share $ 8.4209169405339 Chilean pesos


Santiago, May 20, 2022. Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores informs that the Definitive Dividend, Minimum Mandatory, Dividend No. 325 charged to the profits of Fiscal Year 2021 has already been set in Chilean pesos.

Dividend No. 325

Total amount: US$ 513,023,118.76

Amount per share: US$ 0.00999657748348

Exchange rate “observed dollar” published by the Chilean Central Bank in the Official Gazette on May 20, 2022: 842.38

Amount in pesos per share: 8.4209169405339

Ex-dividend date: Shareholders Registry at midnight on May 20, 2022

Payment date: May 27, 2022