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CSAV launches a sports program for boys and girls at Padre André Coindre School

  • 200 Padre André Coindre School students participated in the event, led by Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores and implemented by Fundación Impulsate.


October 2023.- Aiming to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores worked with Fundación Impulsate to organize a sports program.  Children and adolescents participated in workouts and activities to hone their skills and work as a team while participating in basketball, volleyball and field hockey this morning at Padre André Coindre School in the Bellavista sector.  Area professionals and local experts in each discipline led the clinics, which focused on helping children develop socio-emotional skills through sports.

The event kicked off a two-month, no-cost sports program enabling Father André Coindre students to participate in extracurricular activities that generate value outside school hours.

Led by Daniela Caram, a former member of the Chilean national women’s field hockey team as well as the founder and executive director of Fundación Impúlsate, led the event.  “We are very pleased to partner with Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores to support this school by offering the students – boys, girls and adolescents – opportunities for physical activity and sports.  Sports teach unique values and skills, and we want to contribute those to all these children.

Scheduled to begin the first week of November, the two-month sports programs will be free of charge for all the school’s students.  Referring to the initiative, which will take place on the multi-purpose court inaugurated in June, Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores Assistant Manager of Sustainability and Communications María Elena Palma remarked, “We want to create opportunities for students to take advantage of this space with activities guided by experts.  This will encourage the students and bring them closer to sports, generating value outside the school day.  We are strongly committed to improving the quality of life for students at this school.”

Daniel Silva, the school’s director, reflected positively on the event.  “We are very pleased with this athletic event.  It announces that, within the next couple of weeks, our students will have access to extracurricular activities that the school does not currently offer.  We are certain they will directly contribute to our children’s quality of life.  We hope similar activities encouraging sports and a healthy lifestyle continue.”