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Environmental Education Day: CSAV and Families from Bellavista Sector Participate in Reforestation Project

Children from the summer school program at the Padre André Coindre School and neighbors from the Bellavista sector, together with personnel from the Environmental, Sanitation and Beautification Department (DIMAO), worked together to plant native species.


January 26, 2023. On Environmental Education Day, which seeks to raise awareness about the conservation and well-being of the planet, Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV), together with children from the Padre André Coindre School and the Municipality’s Environmental, Sanitation and Beautification Department (DIMAO), collaborated to make a contribution to the environment.

The activity took place in the Cordillera Ravine near the Padre André Coindre School in the Bellavista sector. With assistance from the DIMAO, boys and girls attending the school’s summer program joined forces with local neighbors to plant 30 native trees, including peumo, quillay and maité.

At the event, participants discussed the importance of preserving biodiversity in the different natural areas around San Antonio, and the value of recovering areas such as Cordillera Ravine.

“For us it is essential to have a positive impact on the community, especially in aspects such as education and the environment, so we have developed a comprehensive program with this school to improve both its facilities and its immediate surroundings,” commented Yolanda Videla, Community Relations Manager for Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores.